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friday 03-02 up to sunday 05-02
Fr Fortuna SittardFortuna Sittard-Sparta Rotterdam Sparta R'dam 
Sa FC VolendamFC Volendam-AZ Alkmaar AZ 
Sa FC UtrechtFC Utrecht-SC Heerenveen sc Heerenveen 
Sa FC EmmenFC Emmen-Vitesse Arnhem Vitesse 
Sa ExcelsiorExcelsior Rotterdam-RKC Waalwijk RKC Waalwijk 
Su SC CambuurSC Cambuur-Ajax Amsterdam Ajax 
Su FeyenoordFeyenoord Rotterdam-PSV Eindhoven PSV 
Su Go Ahead EaglesGA.Eagles Deventer-NEC Nijmegen NEC 
Su FC GroningenFC Groningen-FC Twente Enschede FC Twente 
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Vitesse Arnhem

FC Twente Enschede

Match results (Full Time)

Match averages

Last Month
20% - 60% - 20%
21% - 37% - 42%
Last Month
40% - 60% - 0%
53% - 32% - 16%

Last month matches

Opp.Result FT
HEE (a)won
TWE (h)draw
PSV (a)lost
NEC (h)draw
AZ (a)draw
Opp.Result FT
FEY (h)draw
VIT (a)draw
UTR (h)won
AJA (a)draw
EMM (h)won

Earlier matches

GAE (a)draw
AJA (a)draw
SPA (h)lost
EMM (h)won
CAM (a)won
FOR (h)lost
TWE (a)lost
VOL (h)draw
UTR (a)lost
GRO (a)won
RKC (h)draw
HEE (h)lost
EXC (a)lost
FEY (h)lost
SPA (a)draw
GAE (h)draw
RKC (h)won
CAM (a)won
GRO (h)won
FEY (a)lost
VIT (h)won
HEE (a)lost
AZ (a)draw
PSV (h)won
EXC (h)won
VOL (a)lost
FOR (h)won
NEC (a)won
The table above shows the results of the matches this season played by Vitesse Arnhem on the left side and FC Twente Enschede on the right side. Matches won are shown in green, draws are presented blue and lost matches are colored red. The Averages sections show the percentages of matches won, draw and lost during the specified period.

Recent matches


Series of at least four (last) consecutive matches

AZAZ scored last 19 19
FeyenoordFEY scored last 17 17
FeyenoordFEY is unbeaten last 12 12
FC TwenteTWE is unbeaten last 10 10
AjaxAJA scored last 10 away 10
AZAZ scored last 10 away 10
FeyenoordFEY is unbeaten last 9 at home 9
FC GroningenGRO didn't win last 8 8
Sparta R'damSPA is unbeaten last 8 8
FeyenoordFEY scored last 8 at home 8
AjaxAJA is unbeaten last 7 7
FC GroningenGRO conceded goals last 7 7
FC GroningenGRO lost last 7 7
AjaxAJA conceded goals last 7 away 7
FC GroningenGRO conceded goals last 7 at home 7
FC VolendamVOL conceded goals last 7 at home 7
AZAZ is unbeaten last 6 6
AjaxAJA is unbeaten last 6 away 6
SC CambuurCAM conceded goals last 6 at home 6
SC CambuurCAM didn't win last 6 at home 6
SC CambuurCAM lost last 6 at home 6
FC EmmenEMM is unbeaten last 6 at home 6
FC UtrechtUTR scored last 5 at home 5
VitesseVIT conceded goals last 5 away 5
RKC WaalwijkRKC didn't win last 5 away 5
Go Ahead EaglesGAE conceded goals last 5 at home 5
Go Ahead EaglesGAE scored last 5 at home 5
AZAZ scored at least two goals last 4 4
FC VolendamVOL conceded goals last 4 4
SC HeerenveenHEE conceded goals last 4 4
Fortuna SittardFOR scored last 4 4
FC TwenteTWE is unbeaten last 4 away 4
FC UtrechtUTR is unbeaten last 4 at home 4
PSVPSV conceded goals last 4 away 4
Sparta R'damSPA is unbeaten last 4 away 4

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